About Balanced Canine

Serving you since 2004

Balanced Canine Inc. was founded in 2004. Previous to this we had a doggy daycare, grooming salon and a training studio in Vancouver! Balanced Canine Inc. offers a variety of canine services from personalized in-home pet sitting, to group training classes to private training.

Balanced Canine Inc. came about by seeing the need to provide educated, balanced dog training with Trainers that are not only educated but down to earth, practical and also proven in the dog world by training and titling their own dogs in various sports. Our Trainers are focused on positive training, but will also show you how to manage dealing with unwanted behaviors in a fair and gentle manner, using the least invasive method to accomplish your goals. All our Trainers are not only Certified Professional Trainers, but have competed and titled dogs at high levels. Our Trainers invest in on going education regularly and are always up to date with the current methods and avenues available. We have a Training Studio at our sister company in South Cloverdale, Elemental Canine Inc.

The majority of our clients are from the South Surrey/White Rock and Cloverdale, Surrey but we also have many clients from Langley, Vancouver and even as far as Chilliwack. Our clients are very loyal and we have plenty of repeat clients, some on their third/fourth dog! We value our clients very much and appreciate each and every one of you!

Balanced Canine Staff

Shelly Zayonce:


Shelley has the experience and connection with dogs that allows her to consistently shape good behaviour and then pass that knowledge along to their owner. Obedience, leash training, house training, raising a puppy, aggression issues are all common issues she can help you with, but she has also helped to rehabilitate many dogs whose owners were at the end of their rope and turned to her as a last resort.

  • Graduated from Canada West Canine Center as a Certified Master Dog Trainer and Kennel Manager/Obedience Trainer top in her class
  • Owner/Operator of one of Vancouver’s top daycare, grooming and training facility for 5 years
  • Trained and titled three dogs in French Ring Sport, including titling the only Border Collie to Ring 2 in North America
  • Member in good standing with the White Rock / South Surrey Chamber of Commerce
  • Member in good standing with the Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce
  • Member in good standing with the Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers
  • Currently is practicing Competition Obedience with her up and coming Shepherd, Jeagerbomb
  • Teaches specialty seminars at Balanced Canine Training and Boarding Facility

Shelley’s life revolves around dogs and thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to share her training expertise and techniques with her clients. She strives to see a happy and healthy relationship between dogs and their owners through training, trust and respect.

Balanced Canine Dogs


Otto is a 8 year old dark Black & Tan GSD. Otto is a strong, serious, sharp courageous boy who is an absolute pleasure to work. He is often our demo dog in our classes and works along side Shelley on a daily basis. He is also the father of Shelley’s new Puppy Jeager.


Jeager is our newest canine addition! He is a son of Otto and is a wonderful little puppy. He is a drivey, happy outgoing puppy and is Shelley’s newest competition prospect. Watch out for him in our classes demoing and following in his daddy paw-steps at only a few months old!