Private Training

Personal one-on-one training with you dog.

Private training is available to those who need personal time with a trainer to address any concerns or questions you have with your dog. In a private training session we can get you started on a training path right away to correct any unwanted behaviours you are experiencing. Private training is not only for the for unruly dog but also for those who want to get started on the right path with their puppy, newly adopted dog or want a more obedient family dog.

In private training we can cover:

  • Fear & Leash Aggression
  • Leash Pulling
  • Food & Resource Guarding
  • Jumping Up
  • Mouthing & Biting
  • Coming When Called
  • House Training
  • Raising A Puppy

All Private Training Sessions are held at our sister company in South Cloverdale, Elemental Canine Inc. We have a Training Space there as well as plenty of places to go walking if need be to practice our training. Something our South Surrey location didn’t provide!

Private Training Sessions can vary in price. Our first session is always the longest and generally run an hour to an hour and a half long. Follow up sessions are shorter, usually around 45 minutes long. In our first session will discuss your training goals, assess your dog and get you started on a training program right away.

Please contact us for bookings and availability.